From reducing operational costs to increasing safety to driving efficiency, Transense enables industries to succeed



Founded in 1991 and listed on the AIM Market (UK AIM:TRT), we are the leader in patent-protected, highly specialised sensor systems and enabling technology for use in a variety of diverse high growth markets.

Our Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors are wireless, battery-less and are used in the real-time measurement of torque, temperature and pressure to improve power, performance and efficiency through condition monitoring and asset/predictive maintenance. This patent-protected technology offers significant advantages over alternative sensors, and is particularly targeted towards the aircraft, specialised automotive, renewable energy and industrial markets.

iTrack technology, used for monitoring the tyre and vehicle performance of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, was licensed to Bridgestone Corporation for a ten-year term commencing in June 2020.

Our Transense team are world leading SAW experts. We are proud to continually deliver great results due to the quality of our team and spirit where creativity, team working, innovation and honesty are valued. We devote significant energy and resources ensuring our technology remains at the forefront of its field, continually looking for new ideas, simplicity and ease of use. Our dedicated team of scientists, mechanical and electronic specialists have been with us for over 20 years.

Recent Timeline

  1. 2015 InteliSAW temperature sensing product acquired by EmersonElectric Co.
  2. 2015 Transense manufactures torque sensor shafts for use in Indycar race series
  3. 2016 Licence granted to GE for torque sensing in Aviation gas turbine engines
  4. 2020 iTrack tyre pressure and real time monitoring technology licensed to Bridgestone Corporation for ten year royalty term
What we do

What we do

We continue to promote a greener environment and can contribute to the variety of markets and applications in reducing emissions and improving efficiency, performance optimisation, emission reduction by saving costs through condition monitoring and preventative maintenance

Our technology

Surface Acoustic Wave sensors are low cost, high sensitivity, wireless, battery-less and not affected by magnetic fields unlike other sensors. Unique benefits include; real time values and measurements available for feedback control systems. Data can be collected to reduce costs, optimise output performance, reduce emissions or unnecessary intervention for regular maintenance checks thereby reducing downtime, improving condition monitoring and improving asset management.

With years of research and development, we are experts knowing how to measure rotary torque, strain, temperature, pressure and thrust using Surface Acoustic Wave devices in demanding and hostile environments.

Translogik, a division of Transense, offers a range of tyre testing equipment aimed at fleet managers and tyre service providers. ​Read more about Translogik here.

Our mission

Our mission is to ‘innovate new and expand commercialisation of world leading and enabling sensing systems based on our core competencies and patented wireless technology’ maximising the revenue from this activity to increase the value for all our stakeholders.

Innovation and expansion have enabled our specialist technology to be used widely amongst some of the largest industry leaders. Our extremely high levels of rigorous testing and continual development has always been part of our main strategy and enabled us to become a respected, technical and credible company producing world-leading technology.

Protected by multiple patents and supported by extensive applications, we have grown into each industry and shown advantages in reducing toxic emissions & waste, driving efficiency, preventing road traffic accidents and many others.



Over 35 International Patents Granted. Our core patents protect the use of SAW sensors, the interrogation electronics, firmware and antenna for non-contact torque, temperature and pressure measurement

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are ultimately responsible for the management of the Company’s business strategy, optimising performance, investment objectives, approving significant items of expenditure and consideration of significant financing and legal matters.

  • Nigel Rogers *

    Nigel Rogers *

    Executive Chairman

    Nigel joined the Board as an Independent Non-Executive Director in July 2015 and became Non-Executive Chairman in February 2020. He took the lead in licensing the iTrack system to Bridgestone Corporation, together with the sale of the associated operating business and assets. On completion in June 2020, Nigel was appointed as Executive Chairman of Transense and joined the board as a Non-Executive Director of ATMS Technology Limited, the Bridgestone subsidiary responsible for the global deployment of iTrack.

    He has more than twenty years’ experience in leading AIM-listed engineering companies, including as Group CEO of both Stadium Group plc (now part of TT Electronics plc) and 600 Group plc. He is also currently Chairman at Solid State PLC and Chairman at Surgical Innovations Group Plc. His early career was as a Chartered Accountant with PwC in the U.K., Latin America and the Middle East.

    * Member of Audit & Risk committee

  • Melvyn Segal

    Melvyn Segal

    Chief Financial Officer

    Melvyn was appointed Executive Director in June 2012 and is the Chief Finance Officer and Company Secretary. Melvyn is a chartered accountant and during his career of 22 years as a senior partner of mid-sized accountancy firm Arram Berlyn Gardner he specialised in business advice, audit and taxation and was involved in the successful sale of the firm’s financial services arm. On leaving the profession Melvyn has been active as company finance director and Non-Executive director of successful SME’s.

  • Rodney Westhead **

    Rodney Westhead **

    Non-Executive Director

    Rodney was appointed a Non-Executive Director in 2007. Rodney qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1967 spending time with PwC and Grant Thornton, the latter including a term as managing partner of the London office. His experience in Industry commenced in 1992 at Ricardo Group plc, a major automotive consulting engineering group with sales circa £200 million a year.  He was initially finance director for 4 years and subsequently CEO for 9 years. After leaving Ricardo in 2005 he had a number of appointments including Chairman of Chairman of Carter and Carter Group plc and Chairman of Clean Air Power.  Rodney was a member of council at Brunel University.

    ** Chair of both Audit & Risk committee and Remuneration committee

  • Nick Hopkins

    Nick Hopkins

    Chief Operating Officer

    Nick was appointed to the Board as Chief Operating Officer in December 2021 having joined Transense as Managing Director in June 2020. He has experienced commercial and military management appointments with several years of business experience in the electronics sector using SAW for Test and Instrumentation, following a military career which included the command of an Army Air Corps operational helicopter squadron, accruing 2000+ flying hours, as well as operational and capability equipment roles with the Joint Helicopter Command.

  • Ryan Maughan

    Ryan Maughan

    Business Development Director

    Ryan joined the board as Business Development Director in December 2021. Ryan is an award-winning engineer and business leader with more than 20 years' experience in the high-performance, heavy-duty and off-highway automotive markets. Prominent in the development of power electronics, electric motors and drives (PEMD) for these demanding applications, he has successfully founded, scaled and sold three businesses in the electric vehicle space. He is also CEO of eTech49 Limited, an advisory business specialising in disruptive hardware technology in PEMD. In addition, he is Chairman of EV North, an industry group representing the booming electric vehicle industry in the north of England, a Board member of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and an advisor to a number of corporations.

Senior Management

  • Paul Vickery

    Paul Vickery

    Commercial Operations Director

    Paul has product experience in numerous microwave components, laser, SAW and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices used within military, space, communications, automotive and professional electronic systems. He is the author and co-author of 6 patents and 4 patent applications. Prior to joining Transense in 2004 Paul was Sales and Marketing Manager with Thomson CSF for 16 years and RF & Microwave Development Manager with Plessey and GEC Marconi for 11 years.

  • Victor Kalinin

    Victor Kalinin

    Chief Scientist & Technologies Director

    Victor joined Transense in 2001 as a Chief Scientist after acting as a consultant for the Company for two years while working as a Senior Lecturer in RF Circuit Design and Communications at Oxford Brookes University. Prior to taking the position at Oxford Brookes in 1996, he worked as an Associate Professor at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) and was a visiting scientist at Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and Oxford University. He has got his PhD degree in RF Engineering and SAW design in 1983. He is an author of more than 110 research publications, 24 patents and 4 patent applications. During his career started in 1978, he led several R&D projects for various industries in the field of SAW RF signal processing and SAW physical sensors.

  • Robert Carlaw

    Robert Carlaw

    Commercial Director (Translogik)

    After various successful sales and managerial roles, Robert joined Transense in 2010 as a sales assistant, learning the Translogik technology and broadening its client base. Robert led the successful growth of the original TLG1 product and now as the Commercial Director (Translogik) is managing the Translogik division and leading the growth of the new TLGX range.