Transense develops and supplies innovative sensor technology and measurement solutions to world leading companies.


Founded in 1991 and listed on the AIM Market (UK AIM:TRT), we are a leader in the development and supply of specialised sensor technology and measurement solutions for use in a demanding, high growth markets.

Transense Surface Acoustic Wave or SAW sensor technology is proven to deliver accurate, real-time measurement of torque, temperature, force and pressure to improve performance, efficiency and safety. This patent-protected technology offers significant advantages over conventional sensors including improved accuracy, more compact packaging and the ability to maintain the mechanical integrity of the system being measured and is particularly targeted towards world leading Aerospace, Electric Motor and Drive, Industrial Machinery and Motorsport applications. Where it is used to improve control, performance and efficiency.

Translogik tyre inspection tools are used by the worlds leading tyre suppliers, fleet operators and service centres to measure and digitally capture tyre tread depth, pressure and RFID using a robust hand held tool that connects to fleet management software systems by a wireless bluetooth connection. The Translogik tools enable fleet operators to greatly improve data collection, which is then used to reduce costs and provides best-practise traceability of safety critical tyre inspections.

iTrack technology, used for monitoring the tyre and vehicle performance of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, was developed by Transense, but the business and technology was transferred to Bridgestone Corporation by an exclusive licensing deal for a ten-year term commencing in June 2020.

The Transense team are world leading sensor and measurement system experts, working closely with our customers to implement SAW sensing technology in a wide variety of applications and ensure the Translogik range of products remains ahead of the competition. Delivering great results due to the quality of our team and in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Our mission

Our mission is to commercialise world leading sensor technology and measurement systems based on Transense’s core competencies and patented wireless technology, maximising the revenue from our two divisions; SAWsense and Translogik, to deliver value for all our stakeholders.

Some of the best known, global companies rely on Transense technology for their demanding mission critical applications and we are continuously developing new applications with these leading businesses as well as new customers.

Recent Timeline

  1. 2015 IntelliSAW - temperature sensing product for high voltage electrical grid equipment acquired by Emerson Electric Co.
  2. 2015 SAWsense - Transense provides torque sensor technology for use in IndyCar race series transmission input shafts in collaboration with McLaren Applied
  3. 2015 Translogik - Supply of TLG tyre inspection tools to Continental begins
  4. 2016 SAWsense - Licence granted to GE for SAW torque sensing in helicopter gas turbine engines
  5. 2018 Translogik - Supply of TLG tyre inspection tools to Prometeon Tyre Group (Pirelli Industrial) begins
  6. 2020 iTrack - Tyre pressure and real time monitoring technology for off-highway mining trucks licensed to Bridgestone Corporation for ten year royalty term
  7. 2020 Translogik - TLGX range of tyre inspection tools launched
  8. 2021 SAWsense - Transense and McLaren Applied sign Joint Collaborative Agreement for premium motosports
  9. 2021 Translogik - Signed master service agreement to provide TLGX tools to The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  10. 2022 SAWsense - Transense and Meggitt SA enter into MoU to evaluate licensing opportunities for SAW sensor technology in the aerospace sector

Our technology

Surface Acoustic Wave sensors are low cost, highly accurate, wireless, battery-less and not affected by magnetic fields unlike other sensors. Unique benefits include; improved accuracy, high speed measurement, improved mechanical system integrity. SAW sensor technology is used to improve control, performance, efficiency and safety. Read more about SAW technology here.

Translogik, a trading name of Transense, supplies the TLGX range of innovative, connected, electronic handheld tyre inspection tools to the worlds leading tyre suppliers, fleet operators and service centres. Combining the latest Bluetooth wireless technology with electronic pressure and tread depth measurement systems. ​Read more about Translogik here.


Patents and Knowhow

With years of research and development and a highly skilled team, we are experts in the measurement of torque, strain, temperature, pressure and thrust forces as well as the development of tyre inspection tools for demanding and hostile environments.

Over 35 International Patents Granted. Our core patents protect the use of SAW sensors, the interrogation electronics, firmware and antenna for non-contact torque, temperature and pressure measurement.