Translogik Markets & Applications

Translogik TLGX handheld tyre inspection tools are used by the worlds leading tyre manufacturers and fleet operators to inspect and digitalise tread depth, pressure and RFID data.

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The Translogik TLGX range of handheld tyre inspection tools are used to keep commercial vehicle fleets operating safely, giving operators peace of mind and valuable data that can be used to better manage one of the largest operating costs. The tool is used to input data into fleet management software systems and specialist ERP/MRP systems. For example:

  • Tyre Manufacturers & Distributors, use the tool to carry out fleet audits for their customers and for the ongoing inspection of tyres as part of tyre management contracts.
  • Commercial Vehicle Service Centres, use the tool to carry out inspections as part of routine maintenance. Capturing data to evidence the need for tyre replacement or suspension alignment.
  • Truck & Bus Fleet Operators, use the tool as part of their regular inspection regimes capturing tyre data to ensure their vehicles are operating safely and that tyre failures on the road and unplanned tyre maintenance costs are avoided.
  • Fleet Management Software Developers, offer the tool as a hardware input device to capture data that their customers can use in the management of their fleets and tyre businesses.