Electric Motors and Drives (EMD)

As the market for electrified vehicle powertrains develops rapidly, the quest to deliver improved efficiency and performance in electric drive systems is paramount. Maximising vehicle range for a given battery capacity is a key target of every powertrain development programme, alongside maintaining and improving the safety integrity of the powertrain system.

The present state of the art is to use advanced torque estimation techniques based on electrical current and rotational speed measurements. Accurate torque measurement is desirable but has not been possible using competing torque measurement systems. Using Transense SAW sensors eliminates the need for estimation and gives reliable torque and temperature measurement from the motor rotor that can be used to improve both motor efficiency and safety, and is suitable for the growing EV motor market. See SAW in Electric Motors for vehicles for more information.

EMD also has links to other sectors with increasing electrification in aerospace and industrial machinery.

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