17 May 2022

Transense Wins Place on Prestigious UK Technology Acceleration Program

Transense image

Transense is pleased to announce that it has secured a place on the 6th wave of the Advanced Propulsion Centre Technology Demonstration Acceleration Program (TDAP). TDAP supports ambitious UK-based companies that are developing innovative automotive-related technologies that support the shift to zero-emission vehicles.

Selection for TDAP is a competitive process that sees applicants pass through a rigorous assessment, selection, and ongoing gateway processes driven by the APC and their hand-picked independent industry experts. Not only does this ensure that TDAP works with some of the most exciting concepts coming through the innovation pipeline, it also acts as a signal to the outside world that these companies have high-quality concepts with great teams behind them. Alongside grant funding of £135,000 for technology development, participants work with the APC and their delivery partners focusing on product development, market strategy, intellectual property management, investor readiness, and networking. Companies that have completed TDAP have benefitted from developing prototypes and product demonstrators, finding new routes to market, developing new partnerships, and strengthening their strategies and business plans.

Transense will use the TDAP program to develop the market and technology application for its patented SAW sensor technology, a robust and reliable technology that can be used to measure torque, temperature, pressure, and strain that has the potential to be integrated directly into electric motor drive systems. Transense believes that direct torque and temperature measurement of electric motors rotating components could deliver significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and safety integrity of electric motor systems through improved control and will use the TDAP project to fully understand and develop these benefits and market requirements.

Ryan Maughan, Director Transense Technologies PLC said:

“Being selected to take part in the TDAP project is great recognition for the Transense business. The TDAP project will allow Transense to accelerate the development of its sensor technology in the automotive sector which is an exciting and rapidly growing market. We believe that the technology can deliver substantial improvements in efficiency, performance, and safety integrity to edrive systems. This project will allow us to develop the technology in this area and help to secure commercialisation opportunities.”

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