13 Jan 2023

Transense selected for Advanced Propulsion Centre UK’s Technology Developer Acceleration Programme (TDAP)

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Transense is delighted to have been selected by a panel of industry experts to be one of the 13 companies to take part in the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK's Technology Developer Acceleration Programme (TDAP) with the goal to help the global race to decarbonise transport.

This means that Transense now progresses through to phase 2 of the TDAP program which will see further development and validation of the SAW sensor technology for applications in electric motors and drive systems.

Joshua Denne, Head of SME Programmes for the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), said:

Transense were selected for our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme by a panel of independent auto experts as well as the APC. We are excited to see that their innovative sensor technology is being recognised by potential automotive customers and looking forward to supporting Transense as they accelerate through 2023.

Transense SAW sensor technology provides an accurate, robust, and high-speed method for measuring torque, forces, and temperature in moving components, such as an electric motor rotor. If applied to an electric motor rotor to measure torque and temperature, SAW technology allows motor control to be dynamically optimised, delivering improvements in safety, efficiency and performance. It can also be applied to other components in the vehicle driveline to improve control.

Transense is seeing growing demand for SAW technology from aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery markets where it provides a solution for measuring torque, force, and temperature on critical components and in applications where conventional sensor technology cannot deliver the required level of performance.

For more details on Advanced Propulsion Centre and TDAP check here.

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