8 Feb 2024

New video: Interview with Richard Clarke from McLaren Applied on using SAWsense technology in Motorsport.

Mc Laren Applied Interview You Tube Thumbnail

We are excited to share details of our latest video, an interview between Richard Clarke the Engineering Manager of high-performance products at McLaren Applied, and Transense Director Ryan Maughan.

They sat down for an interesting chat about torque sensor technology and how McLaren Applied is using it in its high-performance products. Richard also gives us a few hints on alternative ways the technology might be adding to exciting updates in the future.

In their conversation, they also explored the topic of torque sensor technology and its application throughout the industry across a large range of motorsport series.

Transense has been partnering with McLaren Applied since 2009 and this was a great opportunity to hear how our products are being used in current builds and will be part of their future developments.

Watch the video here: Interview | Motorsport Torque Sensor Technology with McLaren Applied

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