Welcome from the Executive Chairman

Transense is a developer and provider of specialist sensor systems. We are leaders in the development and application of patent protected Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor technology which is used by our customers to improve the power, performance and efficiency of their equipment. Target sectors include automotive, aerospace, industrial, green energy and marine.

In recent months we have licensed iTrack, our proprietary Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, to Bridgestone Corporation, Japan. Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre producer, and will pay royalties over a ten year term based on the volume of iTrack units deployed. In many respects, this arrangement represents a new beginning for Transense, in which we now have the management focus and financial resources to fully exploit the undoubted commercial potential of our SAW technology.

We also design and market a range of intelligent tyre monitoring equipment under the Translogik brand to leading OEM tyre producers and software integration providers.

Our strategy is to maximise shareholder value through the delivery of sustained revenue growth from all three principal technologies; SAW, iTrack and Translogik probes. Our financial strength, reputation for innovation, know-how in commercialising technologies, industry partnerships and exposure to global growth markets sees Transense approaching an inflexion point in that journey.

We welcome engagement with all of our shareholders and prospective investors, through the comprehensive information provided in this section of the website, and through regular briefings using the Investor Meet Company platform. Please contact us at

Nigel Rogers

Nigel Rogers
Executive Chairman
Transense Technologies plc