Business Model

Mission, Vision, Strategy, Partnerships and Values


To innovate new and expand the commercialisation of world leading and enabling sensing systems based on Transense’s core competencies and patented wireless technology, maximising the revenue from this activity to increase the value for all our stakeholders.


The Transense vision is to be industries No.1 choice for SAW based, wireless, patented technology sensor solutions in the world.


Transense innovates methods to use SAW based technology for sensor systems and to transfer the know-how to industrial partners which includes automotive, aircraft, marine and industrial applications. We set out to do this using 9 key objectives below.

1. Applications
Strengthen the presence of our technology in applications
2. Partnerships
Work with and support our licensee and partners supply chain
3. License
License our intellectual property and knowhow
4. Apply
Work with and support our licensee and partners to actively apply our technology
5. Joint Ventures
Establish joint ventures and strategic alliances
6. Emerging Markets
Actively market our technology in emerging markets
7. Niche Applications
Provide low volume products for niche applications
8. Acadamia
Work with acadamia and industrial consortiums
9. Consultancy
Provide technical, engineering consultancy and prototypes for SAW and other complimentary technologies


We are proud to have a long history with a number of industry-leading partners including:

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Our core values reflect the respectful and innovative Transense culture. Our employees are long-serving experts and the commitment, integrity and honesty values provides a positive company environment. As a result, it continues to contribute towards our goals set out in our strategy and our success as a business. Having a strong identity combined with some of the most knowledgeable, competent and skilled industry professionals, sets us apart.

Integrity & Respect

Integrity & Respect

Integrity and respect to ourselves and in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and community.

Commitment & Efficiency

Commitment & Efficiency

Commitment and striving for excellence, through quality control and efficiency.



Investing in the innovation of new ideas within a culture of creativity, honesty and contributing as part of a team.